Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sapphires we not only got a mention in the Ellesmere Port Standard, we also where mention in the Cheshire Federation's Newsletter
Francis Woollam the retiring chair of the Cheshire Federation, told Institutes in Cheshire, we where the 203rd WI

Inside the newsletter we got a mention and also photograph of our President Adele Hewitt and WI Advisor Georgina Denny signing the Constitution

Welcome to Little Sutton Sapphires
who already have 65 members and are very keen to hone their skills in craft and baking.
They are holding social media classes so that all members can access information re meetings via Facebook
President Adele Hewitt, Treasurer Kerry Lee and Secretary Lynne Callister are an enthusiastic team and have welcomed the support of their advisor Georgina Denny

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Cheshire Federation Visit

Several of our ladies went through to Chester on Thursday 17th March 2016 to our WI headquarters. We had a roam all over the house and also went into the Archive Room to try and find out info about the previous Little Sutton WI.
We also had a much needed cup of coffee/tea and also took some photo's of a panel of Resolutions and their dates that was hanging in one of the rooms.
Badges where purchased also and we had our photo taken outside the building.

Another WI member from Tattenhall was in the building and she had her picture taken with us.

Ladies from the Little Sutton Sapphires at WI house  in Whitefriars Chester

Another WI member with us all outside

Resolutions Panel

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Cheshire Federation House - Whitefriars Chester

Some of the "Little Sutton Sapphires, will be going into Chester on Thursday, and will be calling into the Cheshire Federation House at Whitefriars.
Watch this space for an update and pikkies!

This building belongs to the members of the WI, and was paid for by members! Any time you are in Chester.....from Tues - Thurs and between 10.00am - 4.00pm, call in.

Recycling with the WI

Recycling old clothes to enhance flowers in your garden this year..... Use an old Bra or a new Bra and fill to the brim with seeds or plugs. Then take a picture and send this to the NFI Unit...Good luck!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Grand opening

Last night, we had our "Grand opening meeting", with the lady mayoress of Ellesmere Port Lynn Clare attending and also the new Cheshire Federation Chairwoman, along with the South Wirral Group chairwoman and also our WI Advisor Georgina Denny.

We had a motivational speaker, Kate Hutchinson, who gave us a most wonderful talk about Transgender issues and her thoughts and feelings on this, along with how her life has changed.
Kate got a rounding applause and answered any questions that where put to her.

A buffet was then enjoyed by members who had brought donations of food along for all to enjoy!

One of our members Diane Brown made our marvellous cake from the evening, based on our leaflet for the evening taken from our theme "International Women's Day"

Here are a few of the photo's from last night, that have been scrapped

 Our President Adele and our Communications Chair Clare

 Kerry our Treasurer and our Asst Secretary Vicky

Last but not least.....our President Adele

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy Birthday

We have six birthdays this month....Happy Birthday to these ladies:
Jackie Lewis - 8th

Vicky Downie - 20th

Collette Littler - 22nd

Mary Walkup - 25th

Sandra Oldfield - 26th

June Thomson - 27th

Friday, 4 March 2016

New Cheshire Federation Chair

A message from the Chairwoman - Jean Harding
As your newly elected Cheshire Federation Chairwoman, l feel extremely honoured to be given this opportunity to take Cheshire Federation forward into the NFWI's second Century l follow in the footsteps of many truly amazing Federation Chairwomen and l will endeavour to continue their hard work and many achievements.

l look forward to meeting as many members as possible during my term of office.

Many thanks

Jean Harding

Thursday, 3 March 2016

International Womens Day meeting

Little Sutton Sapphires are holding a member's meeting on 9th March at Little Sutton Community Centre and it includes International Women's Day.
Doors are opening at 6.15 to enable members who are coming to be seated and ready for the mayors arrival to start the meeting promptly.
Sapphire members who are bringing food for the buffet can give it to any member of the committee, who will set it out on the tables provided.
Hope to see you all there!